Roll Rapid

High quality meals on your table

High quality meals on your table

Roll Rapid delivers great sushi to your door quickly and efficiently. All our products are carefully prepared by experienced sushi masters and delivered quickly to preserve their taste.

Sushi for every taste

FoodDeliveryPR’s story began in 2020 with the idea of ​​a group of friends who always wanted to have the taste of quality sushi. We wanted to share our love of sushi with others and bring this delicious Japanese dish to a wider audience. With this vision, we founded FoodDeliveryPR, delivering the premium sushi experience to customers’ doors.

Originally starting as a small venture, our business has grown by carefully listening to our customers’ needs and constantly improving our services. Thanks to our commitment to using high-quality ingredients, delivering expertly prepared sushi quickly, and providing excellent customer service, we have expanded our business with positive feedback from our customers.

We now offer not only sushi but also a range of other Asian dishes, catering to every customer’s taste. Our team consists of experienced professionals who work with mastery, creativity and passion in making sushi. They constantly strive to make each bite perfect.

Roll Rapid is a project launched to enable people to share their love for delicious sushi from the comfort of their homes. We turned this project, which was just a dream and a few sushi enthusiasts in the beginning, into a successful service with quality service, delicious products and an approach focused on customer satisfaction.

Over the years, we have learned to serve with a perfectionist approach together with our sushi masters, and in the process, we have constantly innovated to expand and diversify our food services. This process means constant innovation and development not only in the products we offer to consumers, but also in our services.

Roll Rapid not only provides a food delivery service, but also provides our customers with an unforgettable experience. Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction and high-quality service is at the heart of our business and guides every decision we make.

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